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Powerex Releases New Reference Design Board for Quick Verification and Design

May 07, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Powerex recently introduced a new reference design kit – BCIM. This product features a board and a parts kit containing a three-phase ac induction motor controller at its core. Designed to provide an interface between the controller and Powerex IPM design kits, the BCIM board provides PWM signals for the IGBTs in the three legs of a three-phase inverter plus a brake signal.

Using this reference design in conjunction with Powerex DIP-IPMs and L-Series IPMs, along with their respective development boards (example: BP7B), is said to give designers a complete motor drive design and allows quick verification of the power circuit layout. With this approach, it is claimed that a complete three-phase ac induction motor drive can be designed in a one-month period.

BP7B is a complete isolated interface circuit for 6 and 7-pac low and medium power Powerex L-Series IPMs. The BP7B circuit features the VLA606-01R opto-interface IC for isolation of control signals and isolated power supplies for the IPM’s built-in gate drive and protection circuits.

Samples of the BCIM design kit are available from stock to 8 weeks at $240 each.