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Power Supply Delivers up to 60kV in Compact Form Factor

December 05, 2022 by Mike Falter

The new FT Series high-voltage power supply from XP Power is targeted for ion implantation, e-beam welding, and e-beam additive manufacturing applications.

The new FT Series from XP Power is a range of compact, precision high-voltage power supplies that can deliver precise voltage outputs up to 60 kilovolts (kV) at 750 watts (W). The supplies are housed in a compact, 19-inch rack-mounted 1U form factor that presents half the height profile of similar solutions on the market.


FT Series 750-watt, 60-kilovolt power supply.

FT Series 750-watt, 60-kilovolt power supply. Image used courtesy of XP Power


Models are available with outputs ranging from 1 to 60 kV for both positive and negative polarities, with full programmability (voltage and current) from 0 percent to full load.  Target applications include ion implantation, e-beam welding, and e-beam additive manufacturing.

On the performance front, the supplies offer high efficiency of up to 90 percent, which, combined with air cooling, helps to keep internal temperatures low, expanding expected operating life and accommodating tight spaces.

EE Power met with the XP team at the recent Electronica 2022 to discuss the company’s new FT Series of high-voltage supplies.


FT Series Compact Form Factor Is a Difference Maker

One of the key features of the new FT Series is its compact 1U enclosure, as customers increasingly demand lower-profile solutions to accommodate the growing amount of equipment on production floors.  

When asked about the FT Series size, Hafiz Khalid, director of product marketing at XP, commented:

“Competitive products in this range are generally housed in a 2U form factor, but this new FT design packs everything into a more compact 1U enclosure. This provides significant area savings for high-volume customers that are putting many of these power supplies into racks on their production floors.”

When questioned further about what specific design features enabled the new, compact form factor, Peter Blyth, XP’s executive vice president for global products and marketing, added:

"Air insulation. You have to insulate the high-voltage electronics for safety purposes. People either do that through an encapsulate, oil, or through air. The unique thing about this product family [FT Series] is that these electronics are housed in a seamless U-shaped box made of polyurethane and use air for the insulation.” 

Air insulation has the added benefit of making repairs easier. 

According to Blyth, “If you use encapsulates, it becomes difficult to repair. With air insulation, you can get access to the electronics to repair it.”



FT Series rack-mounted U1 form factor.

FT Series rack-mounted U1 form factor. Image used courtesy of XP Power

Power Supply Designed for Precision Applications

The FT Series offers precision performance. It has a low output voltage ripple of <0.025 percent RMS of rated voltage at full load and a static voltage regulation of +/- 0.005 percent. This type of precision is required for target applications like semiconductor ion implantation, high-power e-beam, semiconductor inspection, and mass spectrometry. 

The XP team emphasized this feature. “Precision is an important part of our product portfolio as these end applications need to have precise, stable voltage sources to ensure high performance.”

For example, in semiconductor manufacturing processes, wafer yields and quality can be significantly impacted by power supply performance. Precise controls relative to metrology and power management can greatly improve performance in the semiconductor manufacturing environment.



Semiconductor wafer manufacturing.

Semiconductor wafer manufacturing. Image used courtesy of XP Power


Data Collection and Interfaces Grow Increasingly Important

The FT Series accommodates a number of different control interfaces including local, analog, and RS232/USB digital (ethernet is optional), facilitating integration within larger production and test systems.  The market continues to demand this flexibility. 

According to Blythe, “Data collection from these power supplies has become increasingly important because these power supplies are literally part of the customer’s process.”

Besides the standard voltage models, XP provides customization options for both voltages and communication interfaces. 


XP Initiatives Position the Firm for Future Expansion

In addition to organic development initiatives, XP has been active with strategic acquisitions to expand the breadth and scope of its capabilities and offerings. At Electronica, the company highlighted its recent acquisition of two German high-voltage product firms—FuG Elektronik GmbH (FuG) and Guth High Voltage GmbH (Guth)—positioning itself as a go-to supplier for customers seeking precision, high-voltage power solutions.