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Next-Gen AC-DC Power Supplies Handle High Wattage for Heavy Use

October 28, 2023 by Mike Falter

New AC-DC power supplies released by Traco, Powerbox, and Advanced Energy address power needs for applications ranging from 130 W to 1800 W for industrial, advanced computing, and military applications.

Power supply leaders Advanced Energy Industries, Powerbox International, and Traco Power have developed new AC-DC power supply solutions capable of delivering 130 W to 1800 W of DC output power for next-generation rugged defense applications, industrial and instrumentation applications, and advanced computing such as cloud servers, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.


Advancements in power supply units are targeting heavy industrial use, military, and computer centers.

Advancements in power supply units are targeting heavy industrial use, military, and computer centers. Image used courtesy of Advanced Energy


At the recent OCP (Open Compute Project) Global Summit, Advanced Energy released the details of its industry-first proof-of-concept 1800 W power supply unit (PSU) in the new OCP open-source standard, 60 mm x 185 mm M-CRPS (Modular Hardware System Common Redundant Power Supply) form factor.


CST1800AT-3 proof-of-concept M-CRPS supply.

CST1800AT-3 proof-of-concept M-CRPS supply. Image used courtesy of Advanced Energy


Next, Powerbox has developed its 1200 W AC-DC power supply for ground-based defense applications and harsh industrial environments. The supply features a metal chassis with conformal coating and is ruggedized to withstand the mechanical and electrical stresses of military and heavy industrial applications. 

Finally, the TC 130 from Traco Power is a 130 W, board-mountable AC-DC power supply with 4250 VAC of reinforced isolation and models that support well-regulated DC output voltages of 12, 24, or 48 VDC for instrumentation, industrial, and IoT applications. 


Board-Mounted Power Supply with Improved Thermal Management

The TC 130 series from Traco Power is an enclosed, board-mountable, 130 W AC-DC supply that features a conduction-cooled design for better thermal management when paired with a metal chassis or baseplate. In this conduction cooling configuration, the supply can deliver 100% of its rated power at up to 50°C ambient without forced air cooling. Power derating, or the addition of fan cooling, allows the supply to operate in environments up to 85°C.


TCI 130, board mountable, 130 W AC/DC supply.

TCI 130, board mountable, 130 W AC/DC supply. Image used courtesy Traco Power


The TCI 130 comes in a 2.35 x 3.15 x 1.7-inch enclosure, accommodating a wide input range of 90 to 264 VAC. Three models deliver the nominal 130 W of DC power at regulated output voltages of 12, 24, and 48 VDC and conversion efficiencies exceeding 90%. 


Ruggedized Supply for Military and Industrial Applications

The OFD1200A from Powerbox International, a leading European power supply manufacturer, is designed with a rugged metal chassis to meet the requirements of harsh military and industrial environments.

The 1200 W AC-DC supply accommodates a wide input range, from  85 to 305 VAC, and is available in models with nominal DC output voltages of 12V, 28V, 48V, and 65V. Up to nine units can be operated in parallel for a combined power of 9,720 W. 


OFD1200A for land-based military applications.

OFD1200A for land-based military applications. Image used courtesy of Powerbox

A sophisticated conduction cooling design allows the OFD1200A to operate in military applications with little or no air cooling or ventilation, such as hardened electronic equipment in sealed enclosures.

The commercial and military off-the-shelf (COTS/MOTS) supply is designed with a complete understanding of the high-performance expectations and rough environments of military applications and the testing rigor needed to ensure the supply’s performance in the field.

Open Compute Project Power Supplies

The CST1800AT-3 from Advanced Energy (formerly Artesyn) is the industry’s first 1800 W power supply that conforms with the 60 mm x 185 mm M-CRPS (Modular Hardware System Common Redundant Power Supply) form factor as defined by the Open Compute Project.

The Open Compute Project is an industry consortium formed in 2011 to define open-source power supply configuration, performance, and efficiency standards for coming generations of computing infrastructure such as servers, data centers, cloud computing,  and graphics processing units. OCP industry members include Meta, AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Microsoft, IBM, and many other leaders in the advanced computing space.


CST1800AT-3 supply efficiency performance.       

CST1800AT-3 supply efficiency performance. Image used courtesy of Advanced Energy


The CST1800AT-3 is a proof-of-concept platform. The supply converts 200 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz line power to a nominal 12 VDC output, delivering up to 1800 W of power for advanced processing loads at greater than 94% efficiency.

The proof-of-concept supply meets the 80Plus Titanium efficiency standard, a voluntary industry standard established in 2004 to define a power supply’s efficiency performance.