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Newly Acquired Transphorm Releases Two GaN-on-SiC Offerings

February 10, 2024 by Jake Hertz

The FETs use Transphorm’s GaN-on-Silicon substrate technology.

Wide-bandgap semiconductor devices like gallium nitride (GaN) have exploded in popularity in the past decade. Between the technology maturing and an increased need for efficiency and reliability, especially in high-power applications, GaN’s rise has been noteworthy.

Recently, Transphorm released two SuperGaN devices for high-power industrial applications.


Transphorm’s latest GaN products

Transphorm’s latest GaN products. Images used courtesy of Transphorm


The TP65H050G4YS and TP65H035G4YS FETs

The products from Transphorm are the TP65H050G4YS and TP65H035G4YS models.

As part of Transphorm’s Gen IV platform, both devices use the company’s GaN-on-Silicon substrate technology. This technology integrates high-voltage GaN FETs with low-voltage silicon MOSFETs, leading to transistors that excel in efficiency and reliability. The devices offer inherent advantages such as lower gate charge and reduced crossover loss, thereby achieving superior efficiency and performance in various power electronics applications. 

The TP65H050G4YS is characterized by its operational capabilities at a drain-source voltage (VDSS) of 650 V, extending to a transient drain-source voltage (VDSS(TR)) of 800 V. Its efficiency is highlighted by a maximum dynamic on-resistance (RDS(on)eff) of 60 mΩ. The device's responsiveness and switching characteristics are reflected in its typical total gate charge (QG) of 16 nC and its input, output, and reverse transfer capacitances at 1000 pF, 110 pF, and 2.7 pF, respectively. The TP65H050G4YS also demonstrates its ability to handle high power levels with a continuous drain current (ID) at 25°C of 35 A and a pulsed drain current (IDM) of 150 A.


Simplified half-bridge schematic with GaN FETs.

Simplified half-bridge schematic with GaN FETs. Image used courtesy of Transphorm


In comparison, the TP65H035G4YS shares the same voltage ratings as the TP65H050G4YS but exhibits a lower on-resistance of 41 mΩ max, enhancing its efficiency. The gate charge of this model stands at 42.7 nC, with its input, output, and reverse transfer capacitances measured at 2680 pF, 137 pF, and 11.2 pF. The energy and timing characteristics of the TP65H035G4YS, including a turn-on energy (Eon) of 149 µJ and a turn-off energy (Eoff) of 26 µJ, coupled with a rise time (tR) of 12.4 ns and a fall time (tF) of 8 ns, demonstrate its rapid switching capabilities.


Transphorm’s Acquisition

The product release from Transphorm follows another major development at the company: its recent acquisition by Renesas.

Announced in January 2024, Renesas will acquire Transphorm for approximately $339 million. For Renesas, this acquisition marks a significant move to expand its power portfolio, especially in wide-bandgap semiconductor materials like silicon carbide (SiC) and GaN. The company aims to utilize Transphorm's expertise in GaN to enhance power solutions in various sectors, including electric vehicles, data centers, artificial intelligence power, renewable energy, and more. 

The deal, which will see Renesas acquire all outstanding shares of Transphorm at $5.10 per share, reflects a substantial premium over Transphorm's recent stock prices. The transaction is expected to close in the second half of 2024, subject to regulatory clearances and other customary closing conditions.


Big Changes in the GaN Marketplace

When a company is acquired, concerns about its innovation and product roadmap often ensue as both entities settle into their partnership. However, Transphorm is already pumping out new products to the market within weeks of their acquisition news. This is a net positive for the GaN industry as a whole, with Transphorm receiving more funding and resources to help them further develop their innovative GaN products.