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Micrel Joins Z-Alliance With A Full Line Of LDOs

February 26, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Power-One, Inc. and Micrel Inc. jointly announced the availability of the full line of Z-One compatible low dropout (LDO) regulators. The companies also jointly announced that Micrel had become the newest member of the Z-Alliance of power supply and semiconductor manufacturers offering products and components for the Z-One digital power architecture.

Micrel’s MIC68000 family of LDOs now includes the single MIC68200 and MIC68400 LDOs and the MIC68220 dual LDO. All regulator models are interoperable with Power One’s Z-One Point of Load converters (POLs) and ZM7300 digital power managers. By combining the ZM7300’s ability to control analog devices and the advanced power management capabilities of Micrel’s LDO regulators, the companies further expanded the open architecture capabilities of Z-One Digital IBA. The solution allows customers to manage sequencing of multiple outputs with delays that are programmable via the industry standard I2C bus. In addition, the solution provides closed loop turn-on and turn-off tracking between Z-One POL converters and Micrel MIC68000 linear regulators with user-programmable slew rates. It also implements event-based cascading of multiple outputs and generates the system reset signal with programmable delay. Finally, customers can execute elaborate fault management and interrupt schemes to offer users a higher degree of system control and flexibility.

With the addition of the MIC68400 to the family, Micrel now offers a complete line of linear regulators compatible with the Z-One Digital Power Architecture. The family is suitable for low current rails of up to 4A which generally use low dropout regulators as power supplies. All devices in the family offer single supply operation with an input range of 1.65 to 5.5V and are suitable for powering loads with voltage requirements as low as 0.5V with 2% accuracy over temperature.

William T. Yeates, Chief Executive Officer of Power-One, commented, "We are very pleased with Micrel’s decision to join the Z-Alliance. The company brings a wealth of expertise in semiconductor design and manufacturing that further enhances the position of the Z-Alliance as a leader in digital power conversion and power management. Micrel’s MIC68000 line of high performance linear regulators augments Z-One products manufactured by other members of the Z-Alliance, giving users more choices and a true open-architecture solution for managing all power in a system."

"Micrel is thrilled to join the Z-Alliance. We recognize Power-One as one of the leaders in the field of digital power," noted Ralf Muenster, Micrel’s Director of Marketing for Power Products. "Micrel’s MIC68000 family integrates seamlessly with the Z-One Digital Power Architecture and extends the benefits of the architecture to the lower current rails. This results in reduced cost and development time for our customers."