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Mean Well Announces DC-AC Power Inverter with UPS and Solar Charging Function

February 20, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Mean Well launched its first dc-ac power inverter with UPS and solar charging function – the TN–1500 series – targeting at the trend of energy saving through using renewal energy. The true sine wave inverter can provide 1500W continuously, 1725W surge power for 3 minutes, or 2250W for 10 seconds to all kinds of harsh loads with low THD<3%.

According to the company, the TN–1500 series is not only a powerful inverter, with the built-in ac charger and solar charger, but it can also construct a UPS system by adding external battery banks and solar panels. The ac utility input can charge the batteries and bypass to the output side. If the solar panels are assembled to the system, a "bonus energy source" of free solar energy can be stored into the battery bank by electricity form. Controlled by a microprocessor, the TN–1500 series allows the output ac voltage and frequency to be adjusted easily for various applications. The "saving mode" function can also be selected by end users through front panel to save the precious energy storage in the battery banks.

Protections for this unit are claimed to be complete, including: internal fuses, BAT low alarm, BAT low shutdown, BAT polarity, BAT over voltage protections for input side, while short circuit, inverter overload, over temperature protections, output ac line circuit breaker, and GFCI (optional – type F) for the output side. The design of the TN-1500 series complies with global safety and EMC certificates and are suitable for powering home appliances, power tools, vehicles, yachts, office & portable equipment.