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LPS Intros Lead-Free Solder-Processed SMC/SMW Series

February 21, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Lucent Technologies Power Systems (LPS, Mesquite, TX) introduced a new line of dc/dc converter surface-mount power modules for telecommunications and data networking applications that are manufactured using an innovative lead-free soldering process claimed to ensure reliability. Bell Labs engineers designed the lead-free soldering process to address stability and reliability issues typically seen in surface-mount components manufactured with traditional soldering processes containing lead."The lead-free solder processed SMC/SMW series eliminates the need for re-soldering the power module during the reflow operation of a customer printed wiring board," stated Rick Morrison, product marketing manager for dc/dc converter products. "This surface mount power module can be assembled on the board during the pick and place operation and soldered simultaneously when the board is processed through a typical reflow process."Morrison added that, "Since there is no re-soldering, there is no concern of degradation in connections and internal solder joints, adding to the power modules' integrity."The SMC/SMW series provide surface-mount capability in a low profile height and body outline of 0.38" x 1.19" x 1.95". The new SMC/SMW010 and SMC/SMW015 series modules have a maximum power rating of 10W to 15W, operate over an input voltage range of 18V to 36V or 36V to 75V and provide a regulated, isolated output. Typical efficiencies are up to 82 percent. The new modules are claimed to provide up to 20 times better regulation and up to 12 times more tolerance to dc load changes than competitors' surface-mount modules. Additional features include output voltage adjustment and output overvoltage protection. The SMW010A is priced at $19.60 each, and the SMW015A is priced at $22.60 each, both in quantities of 25,000.