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Low-Profile AC-DC Power Supplies for Industrial and IoT Applications

January 06, 2024 by Mike Falter

CUI extends its VGS chassis-mounted AC-DC supplies with three ultra-slim models rated 200 W, 350 W, and 500 W.

Bel group subsidiary CUI Inc. is releasing three variants of the VGS series AC-DC power supplies designed for industrial and IoT (Internet of Things) applications in harsh environments. The compact supplies are also targeted for EV charger applications.


VGS series AC-DC power supplies.

VGS series AC-DC power supplies. Image used courtesy of CUI


The chassis-mounted supplies have a low profile to support compact system designs and a wide input voltage range capable of accommodating AC and DC inputs.

The models are rated to 200 W, 350 W, and 500 W DC output power and are an ideal solution for driving inductive loads like brushless DC motors (BLDC), relays, and contactors.


DC Brushless Motors for Remote NDT 

One interesting application for BLDC motors, among potentially hundreds or more, is remotely operated NDT (non-destructive testing) platforms. NDT is a common non-invasive technique used to measure the durability and reliability of pipelines and other operating systems to detect weaknesses before they become catastrophic failures. 

Remotely operated NDT platforms introduce the capability of reaching spaces that humans cannot safely access, like deep ocean depths, high-temperature environments, or even unstable roofs and other infrastructure. 

NDT systems typically contain sensitive, high-performance sensors (such as ultrasound for pipe thickness) that collect system data. These sensors are often positioned using robotic devices powered by precision-controlled BLDC motors.  


Remote NDT (non-destructive testing) using robotics.

Remote NDT (non-destructive testing) using robotics. Image used courtesy of Parvalux 


VGS Series Low-Profile AC-DC Supplies

The VGS series is designed to meet the performance, small form factor, and reliability requirements of remote industrial and IoT motor drive applications, like NDT sensor positioning. 

Delivering up to 500 W of regulated DC output power, the VGS-500 has a height profile of just over one inch (1.22 inches) with a length and width of about 9.1 and 3.2 inches, respectively. 


VGS-500 AC-DC supply dimensions

VGS-500 AC-DC supply dimensions. Image used courtesy of CUI 


Baseplate cooling allows for efficient heat removal to further support dense system designs, and each model accommodates bottom or side installation.

For flexibility, the VGS-500 is available in six different models with nominal output voltages ranging from 5 to 55 VDC.

According to CUI, the 200 W VGS-200E model leads the industry in terms of reliability with an MTBF (mean time before failure) rating of up to 300,000 hours. All models meet EN 62368 safety standards and can function at altitudes up to 5,000 meters.


AC or DC Wide Input

Along with flexibility at the output, the VGS series can accommodate a wide range of AC (85 – 305 VAC) and DC (120 – 430 VDC) inputs. 


AC-DC power supply block diagram

AC-DC power supply block diagram. Image used courtesy of TI


For AC operation, the input PFC circuit will convert AC input power to DC to power the internal transformer's isolated DC-DC converter

For DC input applications, the same PFC circuit is designed to “pass through” DC input power directly to the DC-DC converter with minimal distortion or power loss.