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Low-Profile 8A/650V SiC Schottkys for Extremely Compact and Efficient Power Supplies

March 07, 2019 by Paul Shepard

STMicroelectronics has added an 8A, 650V, ultra-high performance power SiC Schottky diode. Qualified in low-profile package, the STPSC8H065DLF in PowerFLAT™8x8 HV, enables low drop forward voltage and high surge capabilities in low space environments such as telecom & network, industrial or renewable energy domains.

With 4 times better dynamic characteristics and 15% less forward voltage than standard silicon, power supplies will enjoy best compliance with stringent Energy Star, 80Plus and European efficiency standards.

Targeted applications include switch mode power supplies, PFC boost circuits, bootstrap diodes, LLC clamping function and general high-frequency inverter applications.

Due to the Schottky construction, no recovery is shown at turn-off and ringing patterns are negligible. The minimal capacitive turn-off behavior is independent of temperature.

Key Features

  • Less-than-1mm height package
  • High creepage package
  • No or negligible reverse recovery
  • Temperature independent switching behavior
  • High forward surge capability
  • Low drop forward voltage
  • Power efficient product
  • ECOPACK®2 compliant component