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48V Lithium-Ion Battery for Hybrid Power Solutions of Telecoms & Off-Grid Sites

July 05, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Controllis has launched an innovative 48V 105Ah lithium-ion battery solution, IonLiFe®. The company specifically designed the battery solution to integrate into the company's flexible hybrid power system for mobile, tower, and off-grid deployments. The new solution promises longer life, lower maintenance costs, a reduced total cost of ownership, and enhanced reliability.

Critical sites equipped with hybrid/renewable power systems usually employ a combination of solar arrays and a battery bank to deliver a reliable supply of electricity. When the batteries need charging or the sun goes down, an integrated diesel dc generator provides power to the site while also charging the batteries. A system controller ensures the site is powered 24x7 and that it minimizes the generator's fuel use.

Previously, conventional lead-acid batteries were often used to provide power and energy storage. While historically they were cheaper, they are also much larger and heavier than lithium-ion and are prone to theft.

So, as their price has fallen and performance has improved, a transition to lithium-ion batteries has occurred, particularly by mobile operators, the company pointed out.

"The cost per kilowatt hour cycle of lithium-ion batteries is now less than that of lead acid," said Simon Albury, Managing Director at Controllis. "This means that lithium-ion not only costs the operator less, but also offers much better performance, lifetime and a whole range of other operational benefits."

The new IonLiFe battery from Controllis is suitable for telecoms and off-grid sites. Its higher energy density makes it smaller and lighter than conventional lead-acid batteries. IonLiFe can be integrated within the same secure cabinet as the Controllis dc generator. This flexibility lets Controllis provide a ‘one-box hybrid power solution' for telecoms and tower sites. The entirely cloud-managed solution provides extensive data analytics.

According to Controllis, IonLiFe batteries also charge and discharge more efficiently, and many more times than lead-acid batteries. This efficiency and the greater number of cycles translate to a more reliable, longer, and better working life. The batteries are maintenance free and can be remotely monitored, thereby saving considerable operational costs.

"In launching IonLiFe® we are delivering a better performing, more reliable, more cost-effective battery and hybrid power solution for global telecoms, tower, and off-grid deployments. Ultimately, our hybrid power solutions provide the best performance and lowest cost of ownership," Mr. Albury added.