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Linear Tech Introduces 36VIN, 3A DC-DC µModule Converter

August 10, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Linear Technology Corp. introduced the LTM8025, a 3A high voltage dc-dc µModule® regulator system with up to 36V input voltage and 24V output voltage. The 24V output voltage range is well suited for 12 to 20V intermediate bus systems and the 36V input provides sufficient input protection in 24 and 28V systems.

The LTM8025 is a complete dc-dc solution that includes a dc-dc controller IC, power switches, inductor, compensation circuitry and input and output bypass capacitors. The module is a molded plastic 9 x 15 x 4.32mm LGA (Land Grid Array) surface mount package that weighs less than 1.8g. Because of high input and output voltage ratings, the LTM8025 is well suited for applications such as 24V industrial, 28V medical and avionics, as well as 12V communication systems.

The LTM8025 is a current mode, switching dc-dc point-of-load regulator system with 3.6 to 36V input operation that can regulate an output voltage from 0.8 to 24V, adjustable with one resistor. Two devices can be paralleled for current sharing if more than 3A output is required. Encapsulated packaging protects the circuit components against mechanical, chemical and ambient factors, thus improving the reliability of the design. The L™8025 is rated for operation from -40 to 125°C and -55 to 125°C. It is RoHS compliant, and with gold-plated pads, both Pb- and Pb-free solder can be used during board assembly. 1,000-piece pricing starts at $8.95.