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IXYS Introduces Single & Dual Trench MOSFETs For Battery Powered Equipment & Solar Chargers

August 07, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

IXYS Corp. and Clare, Inc., a wholly owned IXYS subsidiary, announced the release of new low voltage Power MOSFETs in small SOIC packages with voltage rating of 30V and below 1V of threshold voltage. These devices are optimized for low gate voltage turn on, for synchronous rectification, switching and power control for battery powered portable equipment. A single MOSFET in an SOIC package is the CPC3801N, the dual MOSFETs in one SOIC package, the CPC3851N, with current ratings of 1A and 80mΩ of on resistance.

Targeted applications are low voltage dc-dc converters synchronous rectification, where these MOSFET can replace rectifier diodes in the output rectification circuits, thereby reducing conduction losses. The ability of these MOSFETs to be switched at higher than 200Khz, enable the design of smaller and more efficient power supplies. Replacing a diode for rectification (which drops typically 400 to 600mV of forward voltage drop) with these new FETs reduces the voltage drop down to 20mV for a 0.25A application.

These power MOSFETs are suitable for solar chargers, as the isolation and synchronous rectifiers, between the solar cells and the battery in a solar battery charger application. These MOSFETs are designed to be driven by the photovoltaic (PV) gate driver ICs from Clare, like the CPC 1822/24 and the CPC 1831/2 that are solar powered to turn these FETS on under light. A full PCB based reference design (EVXOBA-12XI) for an "AA battery solar charger" is available that includes the IXYS solar cells, "IXOLAR™", the PV gate driver and the FET as the synchronous rectifier switch.