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Industrial Internet of Things Control System Reference Design

January 22, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Go-IO from Maxim Integrated Products is an Industrial-Internet-of-Things (IIoT) reference design designed for rapid prototyping and development of configurable industrial-control systems. Typical end applications include Industry 4.0 driven process automation for building automation for intelligent buildings, smart sensors, reconfigurable industrial control systems, and robotics.

All these industrial applications require a high performance, robust, configurable solution, which Go-IO provides using a modular approach. These systems are enabled by highly integrated ICs from Maxim Integrated, delivering new levels of performance while delivering lower power dissipation in tiny footprints.

Go-IO has four different boards. The different configurations provide a varying mix of type of I/O channels and communication interfaces to target different end applications.

Go-IO is the brand name for a modular Industrial IoT reference design based on a carrier card (or backplane) (MAXREFDES215#), an application processor card (MAXREFDES211#), and an I/O card which can vary depending upon the target application (MAXREFDES200#, MAXREFDES201#).

The MAXREFES200# targets factory automation and features a mix of I/O types including analog inputs, analog output, digital input, digital output, IO-Link and a RS-485 COM port.

MAXREFDES201# block diagram (click on diagram to enlarge)

The MAXREFES201# targets motion control and features a mix of I/O types including digital inputs, dc motor drivers, encoders, and a RS-485 COM port.

All field connectors are on the MAXREFDES215# carrier card for easy connectivity to sensors, actuators, and communication ports. All cards are powered from a single 24V wall adapter, which connects to the carrier card. Circuitry on the carrier card generates various power rails including an isolated supply for the application processor card (MAXREFDES211#). Additional local on-card dc-dc converters and LDO regulators are used to create lower voltage rails specific to each card.

Order the MAXREFDES212# to receive a kit that contains the MAXREFDES215#, MAXREFDES211#, MAXREFDES200#, and a 24V wall adapter. The kit allows the Go-IO system to be used out-of-the-box.