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High-Capacitance 63V and 80V Chip-Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

October 23, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Nichicon Corp. has expanded the voltage ratings for its miniature and high-capacitance UCM series of chip-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The UCM series meets the continual demand for miniaturization and high performance in set devices in both the automotive and consumer equipment industries.

According to Nichicon, the UCM series are the smallest capacitors in their class available today, and have a rated life of 2,000 hours at 105°C in addition to offering high capacitance and low impedance.

Demand for smaller chip-type capacitors is growing as manufacturers are making more densely packed boards on set devices for electronic equipment and consumer appliances. Capacitors for use in digital equipment need to be low in noise and impedance.

In addition to denser mounting, the miniaturization of set devices and their increasingly high performance means capacitors must be made smaller, with higher capacitance and lower impedance.

By expanding the ratings in this series (63V, 80V), Nichicon can meet the demand for denser mounting in medium-voltage applications while contributing to miniaturization, high performance, and reduced production costs that are in demand for set devices in both the digital electronics and automotive electronics markets.


Based on technologies Nichicon has developed, the UCM series utilizes thinner separator, high-magnification anode foil, thinner cathode foil, and a new electrolyte. As a result, the UCM series achieves capacitances one rank higher than Nichicon's existing 105°C low-impedance chip-type product, the UCD series. The UCM series has been developed to contribute to lower production costs, space savings, and higher efficiency. The series is rated for 2,000 hours at 105°C.

Main Specifications

Note: Figures in parentheses indicate expanded ratings.

  • Rated voltage range 6.3- to 100-Vdc (63- and 80-Vdc)
  • Rated capacitance range 10- to 5,100-µF (33-, 47-, 68-, 100-, 220-µF)
  • Category temperature range -55 to +105°C
  • Product dimensions φ4×5.8L to φ18×21.5L (mm) 12 sizes (φ6.3×7.7L, φ8×10L, φ10×10L)
  • Life 2,000 hours at 105°C
  • Terminal shape Chip type
  • Samples Expanded lineup from January 2020
  • Mass production Expanded lineup from April 2020 [Planned production volume: 1 million/month]