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H Series MLCCs are Ultra High Q for High Temperature High Frequency Applications

August 14, 2016 by Knowles Corporation

Knowles Capacitors brand, Syfer, has just released its range of High-Q MLCCs

Knowles Capacitors brand, Syfer, has just released its range of High-Q MLCCs.  Designated as the “H” series they are manufactured from a very stable, X8G High Q ceramic dielectric to provide Ultra-low ESR, with excellent low loss performance and low power consumption, in high environmental temperature and high frequency systems.  They exhibit no ageing effects, with stability under voltage and very low drift.

The electrode system is optimized for the lowest possible ESR and provides low metal losses that result in flatter performance curves and reduced losses at higher frequencies.

An extended operating temperature range of -55ºC to +150ºC accommodates modern high density microelectronics requirements where environmental temperature could be high. They will find application in DC blocking, Impedance Matching, Coupling and Decoupling functions of PA module, LNA module and Antenna system of small cell or 5G networks - where environmental temperature is high as a result of high power generated in relatively small chambers. Automotive applications are also another area for potential use. 


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