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GaN Systems Introduces Four Integrated Power Module Evaluation Kits

December 04, 2020 by Gary Elinoff

The new kits are designed to give designers a first hand look at the benefits of gallium nitride semiconductors

The evaluation kits include a 100V Driver GaN DC/DC Power Stage Module, a 650V 300A 3-Phase Module and Driver, a 650V 150A Full-Bridge Module and Driver and a 650V 150A Half-Bridge intelligent power module (IPM). The kits all adhere to industry-standard footprints, but at the same time the company specifies that all four are for evaluation purposes only.

Image courtesy of GaN Systems

Doing Things Differently 

Evaluation boards are currently being offered by electronics manufacturers for a wide range of products. Usually, the product, such as a GaN MOSFET, is described first, and only at the end of the description is the appropriate evaluation board offered. GaN Systems sets this paradigm on its head, with the evaluation boards receiving top billing with this unusual announcement.


100V Driver GaN – Integrated DC/DC Power Stage Module 

The GS-EVB-DRG-100V7R-GS2 is a buck-boost evaluation board complete with a 100V Driver GaN power module, GS-EVM-DRG-100V7R-GS2. The board provides a 48V step-down converter and can be used to evaluate power density and efficiency.

The GS-EVM-DRG-100V7R-GS2 power module includes two GS61008, which are 100V, 7mW enhancement-mode (E-mode die) GaN transistors. The unit fits into a compact 10 x 7.8 mm2 SMT package.

The module can handle as much as 90A continuous current. It can operate over a -40 to +125℃ temperature range. Thermal resistance, junction to board and junction to ambient, are typically 0.6 and 8.4 ℃/W, respectively.

RDS(ON) is as low as 7mΩ. Input, output and reverse transfer capacitance are typically 588, 254, 9.9 pF, respectively.

This pair will be useful in evaluating Class D audio systems, 48V step-down converters,  CPU/GPU/DDR systems and Forward Converter, ZVS, Buck/Boost topologies.  


650V 150A Half-Bridge IPM 

The 650V 150A Half-Bridge IPM includes an integrated gate drive and two GS-065-150-1-D, which are 650V 150A E-mode die GaN transistors. The unit is housed in an industry-standard case and features press-fit pins

Some important electrical characteristics include drain-source and gate-source leakage currents of 3µA and 0.25mA, respectively. RDS(ON) can be as low as 10mΩ.

This unit will find high switching speed applications such as EV chargers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), variable frequency drives, photovoltaic inverters and energy storage systems.


650V 150A Full-Bridge Power Module and its External Gate Driver Board 

The 650V 150A full-bridge module is supplied along with its associated driver board. The power module includes four GS-065-150-1-D, which are 650V, 150A E-mode dies


Power module (left) and external driver board. Image courtesy of evaluation kit Technical Manual
Power module (left) and external driver board. Image courtesy of evaluation kit Technical Manual

Drain-source and gate-source leakage currents are similar to those of the half-bridge device previously described, as is RDS(ON).

Suggested applications for this power module include photovoltaic inverters, energy storage systems, UPS, automotive traction inverters and on-board chargers. 


650V 300A 3-Phase GaN Power Module and Driver 

The 650V 300A 3-Phase GaN Power Module and Driver pairing consists of a 650 volt, 300 amp 3-Phase Power Module and a matching driver board. The power module features the high power density and toughness need for the demanding automotive market. It includes twelve GS-065-150-D devices, which are (650V 150A E-mode Dies) 

Power module (left) and driver board (right). Image courtesy of GaN Systems GS-EVx-3PH-650V300A-SM1x Technical Manual
Power module (left) and driver board (right). Image courtesy of GaN Systems GS-EVx-3PH-650V300A-SM1x Technical Manual


The power module features zirconia toughened alumina substrates (ZTA) for reliability, a high thermal conductivity base plate and press-fit pins to make assembly easier. Electrical isolation is specced at over 4 kV DC for one second.

Appropriate applications include motor drives and 75kW traction inverter drives. 


Other GaN Transistor Evaluation Boards and Modules

GaN Systems is quite active in this arena. The company provides a complete listing of their offerings.