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First Rechargeable Battery System Offering GSM and GPS Interfaces by Default

November 13, 2018 by Paul Shepard

While the users of e-scooters, e-bikes and other e-mobility solutions get used to enjoying the use of apps, professional fleet operators and producers of high-value e-vehicles are already looking for more sophisticated solutions, which allow them to stay connected with their vehicles directly - seamlessly and globally. In response, ANSMANN Industrial Solutions has developed a rechargeable system including a GSM-module and a GPS tracker.

The "Connected Mobile Power"- system is being presented by ANSMANN AG at this week's electronica 2018 in Munich.

Using ANSMANN battery packs, the designers of electric vehicles get all the interfaces they need for tracking, security features and remote maintenance via mobile networks and IoT - without any app needed in between. If necessary to achieve certain user services, Bluetooth app functionality and the new IoT functions can be added without compromise.

Thilo Hack, Head of Industrial Solutions at ANSMANN AG: "For sure, those radio based new functionalities are not only relevant for e-mobility solutions. We are already discussing solutions based on "Connected Mobile Power" to ensure remote control and maintenance for high-quality powertools or the surveillance of medical devices.

"Lastly about every mobile device could be given great new functions as well as a plus in safety and service by integrating their rechargeable batteries into the IoMT - the Internet of mobile Things," Hack concluded.

Sensitive Li-Ion batteries are usually equipped with an intelligent battery management system to maximize the operational reliability and life of these batteries. These batteries are used in intelligent applications in which they communicate with the end device or with the charging station and exchange information such as current, voltage, residual capacitance, temperatures, charging cycles, etc.

By connecting a wireless module, there are a multitude of possibilities for manufacturers and end users. This integration of a wireless module in the battery (a key part of a battery-powered application) not only allows access to data and parameters in the battery but also to information in the end application and the charger. Even firmware settings and updates are possible via the wireless module. The processing of service operations is also simplified.

ANSMANN offers a corresponding app, with which all relevant information from the battery can be read, displayed and evaluated. As required, access to battery and end device is possible. Using this app, the live data from the battery can also be graphically displayed and logged. The app can be provided with access rights or restrictions, for allowing different authorization levels. Software can be tailored for the specific needs of the application in order to adapt the advantages of the system in devices already available on the market.

Details about battery package size, power classes, further applications and modules used … are available at the ANSMANN AG booth