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FDK Isolated DC-DC Converter Delivers 18A At 12V For IBA & DPA Applications

September 01, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

FDK Corp. introduced a regulated dc-dc converter in the industry-standard quarter brick format that provides 18A (216W) of output current with minimal derating at elevated temperatures. The FPQR48T01218 is the latest in the FDK Sensei Series of isolated dc-dc converters, and is designed for Intermediate Bus Architecture (IBA) and Distributed Power Architecture (DPA) in telecommunications, WiMAX, data processing, computing, and storage applications that require a regulated 12V distribution bus.

The FPQR48T01218 converter operates from a 36 to 75Vdc input and provides a tightly regulated 12Vdc output. It delivers up to 18A with an efficiency in excess of 91%. It has a 2.30 x 1.45" (58.4 x 36.8mm) industry-standard quarter brick footprint and pin-out and a low body profile of 0.402" (10.2mm), particularly suitable for high density card-rack applications.

Standard features include input under-voltage lockout (UVLO), output over-current protection (OCP), output over-voltage protection (OVP), over-temperature protection (OTP), remote output voltage sense, and output voltage trim using industry-standard trim equations. The FPQR48T01218 converter meets the basic insulation requirements of EN60950 and features input to output dc isolation of 1500Vdc.

The Sensei Series converters deliver full-rated output current with little derating at high ambient temperatures without the need for heat sinks. With a 48Vdc input and 400 LFM (2m/s) airflow, the FPQR48T01218 converter delivers 216W (18A) at ambient temperatures up to 60°C and 200W (17A) at temperatures up to 70°C.

"FDK provides high quality on-board power solutions with best-in-class thermal performance at a competitive price," said Dr. Apurba Roy, Executive Advisor, FDK Corp.. "FDK will continue to expand its line of Sensei Series converters to meet the demands of a growing global customer base."

In quantities of 1,000 pieces, the FPQR48T01218 converter is priced at $47.00.