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Falcon Electric Introduces Highly Secure UPS Power Monitoring & Management System

September 09, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Falcon Electric, Inc. introduced its new internal USHA SNMP/HTTP Agent that supports TCP/IP based remote Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) monitoring and management agent. Supporting HTTP and a security-improved Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) v3 together with the latest Internet Protocol (IP) v6, Falcon states that its new agent is the most secure system available for the remote monitoring and management of UPSs.

Falcon Electric’s internal USHA SNMP/HTTP agent facilitates remote UPS monitoring and management over any Ethernet LAN, Enterprise Network or the Internet. Users can quickly install the agent board into the communications option slot of any Falcon SG, SSG or FN Series™ UPS and connect it to any Ethernet LAN. If a DHCP server is present, an IP address will automatically be assigned.

Falcon claims that the USHA agent provides the convenience and cost benefits of centralized remote UPS management while providing the highest level of security. Whether a company has ten Falcon UPS units or ten thousand, Falcon claims that all UPSs can easily be managed and monitored from a single secure location from a computer running any common OS. Remote access is accomplished using most common web browsers or through the use of Network Management Software (NMS) such as HP OpenView or IBM NetView®, using the supplied RFC1628 compliant MIB.

When it comes to remote management, security is a top concern. The latest SNMPv3 and IPv6 security has been incorporated. In addition, IPv6 is said to solve the growing shortage of IPv4 addresses, provides secure IPsec encryption and secure peer-to-peer communications. The USHA implements IPv6 auto-configuration. IT, industrial, government and other applications needing secure data communications are replacing non-secure IPv4 installations with IPv6.

Shutdown client software is supplied with the USHA option that allows for the orderly remote shutdown of multiple servers or workstations "in-band" over Ethernet networks. Users simply install the client software, set the shutdown delay time and enter the IP address of the controlling UPS’s USHA agent.

Furthermore, all shutdown client software is shipped with the USHA agent board and may be installed on as many servers and workstations as desired without any additional licensing costs. The USHA agent supports event and data logging, unattended event scheduling (UPS battery test scheduling, weekly/daily UPS shutdown and event history) and advanced UPS monitoring and management functions.

Available now, the USHA SNMP/HTTP agent lists for $290 and is CE and FCC compliant.