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Fairchild Semiconductor Offers 200/250V PowerTrench® MOSFETs for Plasma Display Panels

February 13, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Fairchild Semiconductor introduced its new FDB2614 (200V) and FDB2710 (250V) N-channel MOSFETs which are designed specifically to provide what the company claims is industry-leading system efficiency and space optimization in plasma display panel (PDP) applications.

By utilizing Fairchild’s proprietary PowerTrench® process technology, these MOSFETs achieve what the company claims is the lowest available RDS(on) (FDB2614: 22.9 mΩ, typ; FDB2710: 36.3 mΩ, typ), compared to similar devices on the market. This low RDS(on), combined with a very low gate charge (Qg), results in what the company claims is a best-in-class Figure of Merit (FOM), which in turn translates into lower conduction loss and excellent switching performance in PDP systems. The devices’ extremely low RDS(on) and small die size at 200 or 250V breakdown voltages enables these devices to be packaged in space-saving D2PAK packaging. An added benefit of PowerTrench MOSFETs is their ability to enhance system reliability by withstanding both high-speed voltage (dv/dt) and current (di/dt) switching transients.

"Fairchild’s FDB2614 and FDB2710 MOSFETs’ leading FOM and compact D2PAK packaging make them ideal for the path switch in PDP applications," said Taehoon Kim, Fairchild’s Vice President of Functional Power Group. "By tailoring these devices to offer high current-handling capability and space-saving packaging for slim PDP board designs, Fairchild once again proves its dedication to answering the most pressing application issues confronting its customers."

The FDB2614 and FDB2710 are lead (Pb)-free devices that meet or exceed the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020C and are compliant with European Union regulations now in effect. They are priced at (1000 pcs, each): US$ 3.00 – FDB2614 (200V, 22.9 mΩ, typ), and US$ 2.80 – FDB2710 (250V, 36.3 mΩ, typ). Samples are available now with a delivery time of 12 weeks ARO.