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Fairchild Semiconductor Announces New 30V MOSFET Technology

June 05, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Fairchild Semiconductor (San Jose, CA) announced its new 30V p-channel PowerTrench MOSFET technology. Featuring enhanced rugged-gate technology with 25V gate-to-source maximum rating, Fairchild’s latest MOSFET is suitable for operation in battery charger and disconnect applications for notebook computers and other portable electronics.

Fairchild’s new MOSFET features a high Vgs(max) rating, eliminating the need for a separate gate-protection zener diode for high-side applications. In addition, it features a lower Rds(on), a lower gate charge and faster switching characteristics. These characteristics make it possible to use the new MOSFET in battery charging and other dc/dc applications.

Jon Klein, director of business development for Fairchild, commented, “The FDS6679, for example, features the lowest Rds(on) 30V p-channel in an SO-8 package available in the industry. These MOSFETs are easier and safer to drive, resulting in higher overall efficiencies for dc/dc power supply designs.”

Fairchild’s new p-channel product line is available in SO-8, TSSOP-8, SuperSOT-3 and SuperSOT-6 packages. Pricing starts at $0.45 each for the FDN360P in 10,000-piece quantities. Samples are currently available, with production values becoming available in July 2001.