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EnerSys Expands Offering of PowerSafe Flooded-Cell Batteries for Nuclear Applications

January 22, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

EnerSys® has expanded its line of PowerSafe® GN nuclear-qualified, flame-retardant flooded cell batteries to include approved line enhancements and 11 additional sizes to meet the growing need for resurgent nuclear power applications. The new EnerSys PowerSafe GN batteries are built in accordance to a quality management system that encompasses 10CFR50 Appendix B and NQA-1 1994. The batteries are available in single-cell and two-cell jar configurations.

"Our PowerSafe GN batteries are low maintenance and powerfully designed to handle complex load profiles, making them ideal for new or retrofit installations," said George Brendahl, EnerSys nuclear product manager. "With up to 72-hours of backup capacity, they can provide back-up energy for pumps, cooling systems, monitoring and controls."

Ranging from 1140Ah to 3600Ah, PowerSafe GN batteries feature flat plate, calcium alloy grid construction with enhanced microporous rubber separator materials for optimum acid migration. Positive plates are bridge hung to mitigate effects of natural aging, and the negative plates are bottom supported.

The batteries are housed in a durable polycarbonate container with glass fiber. They are specifically suited for demanding complex load profiles requiring high initial and end currents and provide the highest one-minute voltage discharge rates per cell.

The PowerSafe GN battery line also employs the exclusive EnerSys Slide Lock™ post seal that allows natural plate growth over time without degrading the seal and an innovative tongue-and-groove, jar-to-cover seal to prevent leaks. Along with the calcium grid alloy, this greatly reduces acid migration and water loss, resulting in a very low maintenance battery with excellent cost efficiency.

PowerSafe GN batteries are available in 17 sizes and three configurations: PowerSafe GN-13 and -15 are single-post, lead-plated copper with two-cell jars. PowerSafe GN-17 through -23 are double-post, lead-plated copper with two-cell jars. PowerSafe GN-25 through -45 are double-post, lead-plated copper with single-cell jars.