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Energy Storage Ltd Launches Delta Series of Energy Storage Systems

May 30, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Energy Storage Ltd. launched its Delta series of Energy Storage Systems with energy capacity ranging from of 10 to 40kWh and the possibility of integrating multiples of these systems to achieve up to 400kWh. The Energy Storage Systems are designed using the company’s patent pending technology to help reduce the average residential and small business customer’s electricity costs by approximately 40 to 50%. Additionally, the company states that customers using its Energy Storage Systems will help preserve the environment by reducing the amount of Carbon emissions related to the amount of energy consumed by Residential and Small Business between 200 and 500kgs per annum.

In the UK, existing Economy 7 customers will also benefit substantially from considerable savings by using the Delta Series of Energy Storage Systems. The company offers easy payment schemes and 10 years extended warranty and total care programs.

The Delta Series Energy Storage Systems are easily expanded into a fully functional Solar Power System with minimal additional components. The company offers add-on solar modules, which convert the Energy Storage Systems to accept energy from both the utility and solar panels in an ’optimal cost’ manner, with the singular objective of reducing the customer’s energy cost to a minimum. During the hot summer months, the solar panels will handle the majority of the energy burden, while during the winter months, the Energy Storage System powered by lower cost off-peak power, will handle the majority of the energy burden.

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