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Energy Harvesting Inductors for Power in Low-Frequency Industrial Environments

January 19, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Stryde Technologies is introducing the ST inductor series with the release of its ST-100 and ST-200 inductors. The ST inductor series allows for the capture of vibrational energy in industrial environments at common frequencies.

These inductors can be used individually or in parallel, to deliver milliWatts of power to sensor devices and enable to them to be power independent. About the size of a double-A battery, the ST-200 is ideally suited for applications featuring high motion and constant power needs, such as a communication tracking device.

The ST-100, half the size of a triple-A battery, is best suited for low power sensors in higher frequency environments. Following a year of testing in the field, Stryde is now poised to offer sensor manufacturers and IoT solution providers 2x to 10x more power density than what can be achieved using other competing motion energy harvesting technologies.

"We're seeing a lot of interest and traction in industrial environments, such as rail and turbines," says CEO and Co-Founder, Tejas Shastry. "With so many firms leveraging big data analysis on their sensors, the need to keep them powered and minimize maintenance increases rapidly."

Sensor networks are enabling many industries to actively monitor environments for critical conditions and prevent failures. The power needs of these monitoring systems continue to grow, but their harsh environments makes energy harvesting challenging.

Stryde Technologies is currently piloting its ST inductor series with a selected group of industrial partners. Official release of the ST series offers them the opportunity to commercialize their offering and position themselves rapidly to take full advantage of their market opportunities.