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Emerson Enters Residential & Small Business Renewable Energy Market with New 5kW Grid Tie Solar Inverter

October 20, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Emerson Network Power launched the SPV-5.0 grid tie solar inverter, marking the company’s entry into the residential and small business renewable energy market. Building on Emerson’s success in large industrial and utility scale applications, as well as control systems for solar power plants, the new solar inverter is described as reliable, easy to install and offers class-leading power efficiency and density for a 5kW product.

The Emerson Network Power SPV-5.0 solar inverter is initially available for North America and other countries that require a transformer-based (galvanically isolated) model. A transformerless (non-isolated) version will follow to enable it to be used in accordance with the regulations in different regions of the world. Programmable to three output voltage levels from 208 to 240Vac, the new inverter has a peak efficiency of 96%, will meet California Energy Commission (CEC) weighted efficiency of 95.3% and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) efficiency greater than 99.5%.

With a lifting weight of just 38.5 pounds (17.5 kilograms), the SPV-5.0 is one of the smallest and lightest residential solar inverters available today. Combined with a host of other features – including a grid utility wiring box, digital controls and LCD display – the inverter is easy and fast to install and service, and it requires less space at the installation site. Reliability and performance are optimized by using independent multi-string photovoltaic (PV) inputs (two at 15A) with independent MPPT. This feature provides for a very flexible solar system configuration to accommodate varying installations and optimized energy harvesting from multiple strings or arrays.

The SPV-5.0 inverter can measure and record real-time and historical energy data from a connected PV array and wirelessly send this information to Emerson’s upcoming Solar Monitor EEM1.0 with touch-screen color display, which can be located conveniently in the home or office. The LCD display shows the important real-time operational parameters and the screen can be customized by the installer or user.

The SPV-5.0 solar inverter carries an IP65 outdoor rating and is designed to meet the relevant critical safety specifications of the countries in which it is marketed. The inverter also meets EMI Class B standards for conducted noise and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives, including the RoHS 6/6 lead-free standard.

Samples of the Emerson Network Power SPV-5.0 are available now.