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Eltek Valere Introduces New Trilogy DC Power System

August 16, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Eltek Valere announced the Trilogy DC power system, a 40A-600A, 48V high-efficiency (HE) power system with 15" shelf depth and special cable management to fit into short-depth outside plant and central office applications.

Although not exclusive to solar applications, the Trilogy DC power plant does offer convenient solar energy management, allowing service providers to use the sun as a back-up power source without the need for a separate, discrete power plant. This capability is made possible with the Smartpack controller – standard with the Trilogy system – which can manage ac power input from the grid and dc solar energy input from a solar array to optimize power conversion.

The Trilogy system is based on Eltek Valere’s market-leading Flatpack2 HE rectifier that is more than 96% efficient. In addition to the 15-inch rectifier depth, the system also has vertical cable landings for the breakers that guide cables out the top or side of the system.

"Space has always been at a premium for telecom applications, but now that limitation is compounded with a desire to reduce power consumption and go green," said Allen Pitts, Eltek Valere President for the Americas region. "Trilogy is ideal for this next-gen network environment because it’s small and gives carriers the option of integrating alternative power sources to save money and meet their green initiatives."

Trilogy can be configured in a two-shelf system for up to 300A of power, a three-shelf system for 400A of power or a four-shelf system for 600A of power. The shelves can fit into a 19- or 23-inch rack. The high efficiency of the system also significantly reduces heat output compared to the industry standard power efficiency, lowering the amount of cooling needed.

For solar applications, the Trilogy utilizes 48V Flatpack2 HE Solar Chargers to convert solar energy to usable dc power. The solar converters provide output power of 1500W with 96 percent power conversion efficiency. Each solar charger module utilizes maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology to optimize solar output and utilization of the free energy from the sun collected by a solar array.

The Smartpack controller simultaneously manages both the ac mains and the input from the solar converters. The controller has built-in digital alarm inputs and form C output relays for sensors, allowing the controller to monitor both operational and environmental elements of the system. Smartpack also features an Ethernet port for network/Internet remote accessibility.

The Trilogy system provides an ac junction box, eliminating the need to wire each power shelf. The Trilogy distribution also features both breaker-protected and bulk output landings, a low-voltage disconnect option and a two-bus system for discrete output (like batteries and load) within the same panel.