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Eltek Valere Introduces Modular HE Power System For Wireless, Central Office Networks

October 05, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Eltek Valere announced that it has brought its High Efficiency (HE) technology to central office and wireless applications with the launch of the Flatpack2 HE Modular Power System.

According to the company, wireless towers, shelters, remote switching units (RSUs) and small central offices all face increasingly complex equipment to meet bandwidth requirements for advanced network applications. The increase in power density of network equipment has required an increase in capacity of the power plant, as some shelters now require up to four times the previous needs of 150-300A. Introducing a high efficiency product is the ideal way to combat this situation.

The Flatpack2 HE Modular 1212U power system supports up to 1,200A of power with up to 80 plug-in breaker/TPS fuse positions. The addition of a +24V to -48V converter shelf allows the system to support all wireless voltage applications while providing 120A of -48V capacity to a customer configurable quantity of loads. A low voltage load disconnect feature extends back up battery power during an outage by automatically disconnecting low priority systems until power is restored.

The Flatpack2 HE Modular 1208U power system is also configurable for up to 1,200A of power, but with 48 plug-in breakers or TPS fuse positions. It also allows for dual voltage operation through use of the same +24 to -48V converter shelf, which is capable of providing up to 120A of -48V capacity and up to 7 breaker positions. A low voltage battery disconnect feature allows for the customer to protect equipment from low voltage conditions during an extended power outage.

"Telecommunications devices are becoming increasingly power-hungry and smaller, making the need for efficiency that much more critical," said Allen Pitts, President of the Americas for Eltek Valere. "The new modular HE power system enables carriers to deploy the highest efficiency power conversion devices across the entire network."

The Flatpack2 HE Modular Power System models are NEBs certified and are now available.