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Eltek Valere Introduces Marine DC Power System

May 25, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Eltek Valere unveiled its new Marine Power Concept based on a central uninterruptable 220Vdc power system with distribution to various critical functions onboard modern vessels.

The Eltek Marine Power Concept is based on a larger central power system with a centralized battery bank. With the system, a high voltage (220Vdc) bulk power feed is distributed seamlessly and with minimal loss to important equipment located throughout the ship. The centralized solution removes the need for many local power systems and batteries, and thus reduces both equipment and service requirements.

The modular Eltek Valere system also provides full scalability and redundancy to ensure that critical functions always have power. The central system can house up to 24 2kW Flatpack2 rectifier modules providing 48 kW at 220Vdc. The system also includes a number of Eltek Valere power systems for the receiving end to convert the high-voltage dc feed to the voltage required by the load.

"The Marine Power Concept with its central distribution of high-voltage dc power is a radical new concept for powering critical applications onboard any ship. Energy is saved and reliability is improved through fewer energy conversions and increased modularity," said Ingar Sørensen, Eltek Valere Nordic sales director. "This solution delivers Eltek Valere’s industry standard performance and reliability to all marine applications including cargo ships, cruise vessels and offshore drilling operations."