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Diversified Power’s Unique “Key Programmed” Battery Chargers

February 23, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Diversified Power International (DPI) has found the "key" to eliminating multiple chargers. Labeled Kynergy™, this unit uses patent-pending technology to create a versatile charger.

A fully programmable base charging unit, Kynergy allows any number of battery keys to be used to charge a variety of batteries. Program instructions are located on individual keys, which can be kept with the charger or on a key ring. When inserted into Kynergy, the key instructs the unit how to safely and fully charge a specific battery.

Designed to charge various types and sizes of lead acid batteries such as AGM, Gel, deep-cycle, VLRA, SLI and flooded batteries, Kynergy is also suitable for multiple chemistries and applications.

"Kynergy's most notable benefit is its versatility," said Jerry Fagan, president of DPI. "The base unit can be programmed by inserting the proper key to fully charge spiral, automotive, power sport, standby and commercial batteries. It's similar to having a personal computer and various software programs. Kynergy is the equivalent of a computer tower, and the keys are the software."

Kynergy's line of chargers offer a multitude of options, including a remote display, battery capacity gauge, electronic reverse battery protection, no-spark connection and many other features. It also contains a USB port, meaning it can be used with energy management software. Various connectors for the unit are available.