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DC Link Capacitor Modules for Large Inverter Systems

November 16, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Cornell Dubilier has announced a new series of dc link polypropylene film capacitor modules aimed at high-power inverters. The MDL series offers capacitance values ranging from 600µF to 4,200µF, with applied voltages of 900Vdc to 1,300Vdc.

Designed as an alternative to banks of cylindrical bus-mounted capacitors, these modules have higher energy density and simplify bus connections by reducing the number of terminations.

By using a single dc Link capacitor in a compact rectangular package, smaller inverter topologies are possible. The use of one capacitor versus several parallel-banked capacitors typically results in enhanced system reliability with lower assembly costs.

The MDL series also features long life, meeting a 5,000-hour life test at rated voltage, with a core temperature of 85°C. This translates to a life of 200,000 hours when operated at a 60°C ambient at full rated voltage and ripple current.

The MDL series is based on CDE’s well proven dc link film technology utilizing low-loss, high-grade polypropylene dielectric. Featuring current ratings up to 400Arms these modules are well suited for high-power inverters used in commercial and utility-scale wind, solar and fuel cell systems. Other applications include UPS, switching power supplies and large motor drives.

The series consists of 12 values in 4 case sizes, is RoHS compliant, and meets IEC 61071 and UL94V-0. Each unit passes through CDE's industry-leading 100% burn-in testing.

Cornell Dubilier’s MDL series modules are available by special order.