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Constellation NewEnergy Launches VirtuWatt Real-Time Energy Management Product

May 09, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Constellation NewEnergy, a subsidiary of Constellation Energy, launched its new energy management product, VirtuWatt™, described as a unique combination of hardware and online applications that allows customers to manage and optimize electricity usage in real-time and lower their energy bills by reducing consumption during peak pricing periods.

"VirtuWatt delivers a single platform that allows commercial power users to take advantage of the full benefits of competitive electricity markets in real-time," said Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Constellation NewEnergy Senior Vice President of Energy Technology. "For the first time, customers are truly in the driver’s seat when it comes to optimizing their energy consumption. VirtuWatt makes the smart grid a click away, merging megawatts with megabytes and delivering the benefits of load response programs directly to the customer in a way that is easy for them to manage."

VirtuWatt utilizes a combination of hardware and online applications that function as an intuitive, user-friendly, easily accessible energy management system. Using the VirtuWatt online dashboard, customers can track current energy usage, usage trends and current market values.

"What makes VirtuWatt so revolutionary is the comprehensiveness of its solution," said Kelly-Detwiler. "Through a single product, customers now have real-time energy market and usage data, coupled with the automated control capabilities needed to maximize their demand reduction strategies. We provide VirtuWatt customers with hardware that monitors their energy usage in real-time and allows them to coordinate with all major building management systems. And, the VirtuWatt energy management platform gives the customer the capability to automate the decision process for curtailing energy using preset scenarios, allowing them to manage their energy usage even when personnel are not on site."