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Advanced Energy Introduces Fresh ORv3-Compliant Power Shelf

May 17, 2022 by Gary Elinoff

Fully compatible with the Compute Project’s ORv3 1OU 21” open rack standard, the new power shelf accommodates up to six 3 kW, 50.5 V AC-DC power supplies and a removable shelf controller.

With the industry moving toward 48 V rack power architectures offering greater efficiency and reliability, Advanced Energy last Thursday released its latest Artesyn high-density AC-DC power shelf in tandem with hot-swappable supplies, which together target hyperscale and enterprise data centers. 


Advanced Energy's newest power shelf, with and without supplies. Images [modified] used courtesy of Advanced Energy


The power shelf can accommodate six 3 kW power supply units (PSUs), each providing outputs of 50 V at 60 A.  With a single supply in reserve, output at 15 kW and N+1 redundancy are obtainable. It is also possible to provide 9 kW output and N+N redundancy; here, three PSUs contribute 3 kW each to output and three are held in reserve. 


Important System Considerations

In designing Advanced Energy’s new supply, the company’s engineers had several parameters to satisfy. Per Harry Soin, Advanced Energy’s senior director of technical marketing for hyperscale data centers, chief among these were: the need to increase rack payload and power density, minimize energy consumption, and ensure compatibility across leading data center hardware.

With its latest shelf, which is compatible with star, delta, and single-phase input configurations, the company checked those boxes, Soin said, in addition to boosting system reliability with hot swappable functionality and an optional secondary power source. 

The system also includes a power shelf management controller (PMC) that is DMTF Redfish-compatible and hot-pluggable, allowing for secure monitoring and control over Ethernet. For system control, Advanced Energy provides a Modbus/PMBus communications interface.


The Artesyn Power Shelf

Advanced Energy's power shelf sports universal 7-pin connectors that accept three types of inputs:

  • Three-phase Delta 4 wire: 180 to 305 VAC
  • Three-phase Wye 5 wire: 360- 528 VAC
  • 3 x 1 phase: 180 to 305 VAC

The power shelf includes a slot for the PMC, which is tasked with monitoring and controlling various rectifier parameters. The block diagram below illustrates the power shelf with one AC input. An alternate configuration is available with two AC inputs. 


A block diagram of the power shelf. Screenshot used courtesy of Advanced Energy


Per Advanced Energy’s datasheet, the system is still able to operate normally even without a PMC, making it viable in the event of unit failure.


The Artesyn PSU

Artesyn’s compatible PSU operates over an input voltage range of 180 to 305 VAC. Output voltage ranges from 50.5 to 51 VDC. Peak efficiency is 97.5%, and power factor is 0.98 at loads ranging from 30% to 100%.


A closer look at Advanced Energy's compatible PSU. Image used courtesy of Advanced Energy


Input Specifications

AC input UVLO is at 172 VAC. Turn-on time is 5 seconds, and hold-up time — at 200 to 277 VAC input and at 100% load — is 20 ms. Total current harmonic distortion (iTHD), at loads varying from 30 to 100%, is 5%.

Output Specifications

Set point (nominal) at 50% load is 50.750 VDC, and setting time is 3 ms. Ripple and noise over a 20 mHZ bandwidth is 500 mV peak-to-peak. 

Short current protection (SCP) engages at output voltages of 10 VDC or less. The protection is hiccup-mode based, with five attempts at restart made before lock out.

Overcurrent protection works on the same basis. 


Physical Considerations

The power shelf measures 720 x 537 x 46 mm, with an operating temperature range of -5 to 45 ℃. The PSUs measure 73.5 x 525 x 40 mm, and sport an operating temperature range between -5 and 40 ℃. 


Feature image used courtesy of Advanced Energy