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Advanced Cathodic Protection AC-DC Power Supplies

December 11, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Farwest Corrosion Control Company has introduced the DCPro series of advanced cathodic protection ac-dc power supplies.  The DCPro is a significant improvement to the way traditional rectifiers convert ac to dc power when used in cathodic protection systems.

With the look of a conventional ac-dc rectifier, the DCPro requires no computer interface and no confusing menus to navigate. Engage the main breaker and turn the single control knob to adjust the current output. With the DCPro, advanced technology provides a durable power supply that offers efficient, pure dc power while eliminating manual operations that have caused frustration with the use of conventional rectifiers.

In addition, the DCPro has many valuable features and benefits for field technicians.  These features include:

  • Simple to Operate
  • AC & DC Surge Protection
  • Lightweight Component Chassis
  • Highly Efficient Power Conversion
  • Fully Solid-state "Switch-Mode" Operation
  • Pure DC Output
  • Constant Current Output Technology
  • Simple Output Adjustment
  • 12-volt DC Power Supply for RMU and Portable Interrupter
  • Maintains Constant DC Current Output
  • Analog & Digital Current Output Readings
  • Built-in Interrupter Interface
  • Test points for cross-checking meter accuracy
  • Pre-wired RMU Terminal Strip
  • Rejects Induced AC
  • Operates on any single-phase power from 115- to 240-Vac without primary tap changes
  • Operates up to 55 degrees C with over-temperature protection
  • Dead-front Panel and Side Shields
  • Two Power Output Choices eliminate the need for exact power output rating

“We are proud to provide a dc power supply that eliminates the need to manually adjust power output for cathodic protection systems.  This can now be accomplished reliably with the turn of a single knob.  In addition, the DCPro has the look and operational feel familiar to corrosion technicians and engineers.  Having a dc power supply that maintains needed current output and provides advanced operating features will be important for our cathodic protection customers” commented Troy Rankin, President of Farwest.

Corrosion control and the need for cathodic protection solutions continue to be essential for pipelines, storage tanks and other underground and underwater structures as they age.  The cathodic protection industry worldwide is estimated at over $10 billion and growing when including products, engineering services and installation. Yet, cathodic protection solutions have not changed significantly over the years.

DCPro models (click on table to enlarge)

“The cathodic protection industry has become more sophisticated with new engineering solutions and technology, but at its core, the products involved in delivering those solutions remain largely the same.  The DCPro is leading-edge technology that will significantly improve the delivery of DC power while very simple to operate” Mr. Rankin concluded.

Product Advantages

  • High operating efficiency of 80 to 90%
  • Pure DC power output with no AC ripple
  • Lightweight construction
  • Built-in interrupt interface
  • Built-in RMU interface
  • Variable AC input without AC input tap changes
  • Analog and digital output and status display
  • Over-temperature sensors and protection
  • Built-in DC power supply for RMU & portable interrupter
  • Standard "Dead Front" safety panel
  • Constant current output control, 0.1 amp steps
  • 115 Vac convenience outlet with GFI protection
  • Standard AC & DC surge protection
  • Standard RMU terminal strip
  • Standard 3-door aluminum enclosure
  • ETL Certified
  • Three-year warranty provided from the date of purchase.