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Absopulse Introduces 5kW Power Supplies Operating from 3-Phase 208 VAC Input

February 20, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

Active power factor correction (PFC) assures a power factor of 0.97 or less at full load.

The PFH 5K-A3P/XX-3U7 operates from inputs ranging over 197 – 264 VAC  and delivers any single floating output voltage over a range of 24 to 400 VDC. Typical efficiency is 84% or better at full load.

Image courtesy of the Absopulse Datasheet

Image courtesy of the Absopulse Datasheet


Additionally, Absopulse also notes that other I/O values are possible, as are versions operating from 3-phase 400 VAC power sources. The unit’s impressive power factor specification meets  EN61000-3-2 and EN61000‐3‐12 specifications. 


Built for Redundancy

These units are built with six of what Absopulse describes as PFH 65 internal modules,  connected in parallel through internal redundancy diodes. If one unit fails, the rest of the power supply still functions, though obviously at a lower output level.

In addition, multiple PFH 5K-A3P/XX-3U7 power supplies can be connected in parallel, making the delivery of 10kW, 15kW or even higher levels of DC power possible.


Taking the Heat

All the components within the unit that generate heat are solidly installed on aluminum heatsink blocks. These, in turn, are thermally connected to the baseplate. This construction also contributes to the PFH 5K-A3P/XX-3U7’s rugged mechanical makeup.

The power supply is complete with built-in fans for cooling. These assets combine to allow the PFH 5K-A3P/XX-3U7 to operate over a range of 0 to +50°C with no derating. Additionally, Absopulse advises that an extended temperature range can be requested.



The power supply features input to output and input to chassis isolations of 4300 VDC and 2250 VDC, respectively.

Automatic thermal shutdown turns the power off in the advent of inadequate airflow, with automatic reset turning it back on when airflow resumes. 

The rugged units resist shock and vibration as per IEC 61373 Cat 1 A & B.

The internal PCBs within the unit are conformal coated. This protects against damage from airborne contaminates and moisture.

Additionally, the device features:

  • Inrush current limiting
  • Output current limiting
  • Output over-voltage protection
  • Short-circuit protection


Advanced Filtering

The PFH 5K-A3P/XX-3U7 complies with both EN61000-3-2 and the EN61000‐3‐12 directives for low input harmonic distortion. Thanks to filtering on both input and output, the unit easily meets EN55032 Class A standards with wide margins, and Class B compliance is available as an option 


Electrical Specifications

Switching Frequency for the output stage and the input stage are 55kHz ±3kHz and 80kHz ± 5kHz, respectively.

Line/Load Regulation is to within ±1% combined from zero load to full load.

Dynamic Response will be a 5% maximum voltage deviation for a 10% to 50% load step. Recovery time is 1msec or less.

Output Ripple/Noise is less than  2% peak-to-peak of output voltage or 0.2% rms (20MHz BW). 

Temperature drift over the entire operating range is 0.03% per ℃.



  • DC motor control
  • Power Servos
  • battery charging
  • DC bus voltage for distributed systems


Physical Considerations

The device weighs 14 pounds.

These power supplies are available in on of two physical formats:

  • 3U x 19” rack mount chassis (132 x 483 x 407mm)  
  • 3U chassis mount unit (132 x 432 x 407 mm)


Safety Features

Complies with EN/UL60950-1 


Environmental Concerns

The power supply is RoHS compliant