New Industry Products

600V / 60A Rectifiers with 50ns Reverse Recovery

July 20, 2017 by Paul Shepard

Sanken has added the CTXS-5606S, a fast rectifier diode rated for 600V and 60A. The maximum trr of 50ns is realized by optimizing life-time control. The product is provided in a high dissipation package (TO-247), allowing high current capability while maintaining high speed.

Rated for operation from -40 to 150 degrees C, these rectifiers have a maximum forward voltage drop of 1.7V and a typical forward voltage drop of 1.35V. Reverse leakage current is 200µA, at 25 degrees C and rises to 60mA at 150 degrees C. The thermal resistance of the TO-247 package is 1.5 degrees C per Watt.

Anticipated applications for the CTXS-5606S include: CCM power factor correction circuits, secondary-side rectification in flyback converters and LCC converters, and as the freewheel diode in bridge circuits, off-line buck/boost converters, and so on.