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440V to 850V Capacitors for Power-Factor Correction Applications

July 09, 2019 by Scott McMahan

TDK introduced the DeltaCap™ X Black Premium Capacitors. The company based the new capacitors on its MKP technology with stacked windings. The capacitors were developed for low-voltage power factor correction (LV-PFC) applications, especially in industrial installations in harsh conditions. The series features a highly robust design and offers a selective output range from 20kVar to 37kVar. Their rated voltage ranges from 440V to 850V.

Typical applications for the capacitors include tuned and de-tuned PFC systems, conventional and dynamic PFC, and other uses under harsh conditions such as industrial applications with harmonics.

The capacitors boast a life expectancy of up to 300,000 hours at temperature class -40/D.

According to TDK the DeltaCap X Black Premium Capacitors, offer superior inrush current withstand capability as a result of their heavy edge up to 500 x IR. They feature corona-free, high capacitance stability and deliver high over-current loading up to 1.5 x IR.

The company says that the capacitors reduce costs due to higher packing density and their compact cabinet design, and they also reduce costs for new investments because of their long life expectancy.

They feature self-healing technology and have an over-pressure disconnector. Additional safety features include

an isolated optimized capacitor safety terminal and a pre-mounted ceramic discharge resistor.


  • Voltage: 440Vac to 850Vac
  • Output: 20kVar to 44kVar, 50/60 Hz
  • B32305A: Biodegradable soft resin

Life expectancy:

  • Up to 300,000 hours at temperature class -40/D



  • Reduction of costs due to higher packing density and compact cabinet design
  • Reduction of costs for new investments due to long life expectancy
  • Reduction of mounting and connection time


  • Superior inrush current withstand capability due to heavy edge up to 500 x IR
  • Corona-free, high capacitance stability
  • High overcurrent loading up to 1.5 x IR

Mechanical and maintenance

  • Easy installation and connection
  • Compact volume
  • Upright/horizontal mounting position


  • Self-healing technology
  • Over-pressure disconnector
  • Isolated optimized capacitor safety terminal
  • Ceramic discharge resistor pre-mounted.