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3C+1A World’s Smallest & Lightest 100W GaN Charger

March 25, 2020 by Paul Shepard

The CIO 3C1A Charger has been launched on Kickstarter by CIO LLC, a Japanese smartphone-related gadgets manufacturer based in Osaka, Japan. The CIO 3C1A is a 100W multiple-port wall charger powered by GaN (Gallium Nitride) from Navitas Semiconductor (the NV6127 device).

The 3C1A has an input voltage range of 100- to 240-Vac (50/60Hz) and includes a foldable wall plug design.

It's a lightweight and compact device that serves multiple charging needs. CIO expect the "CIO 3C1A" will soon be an indispensable wall charger, since many Android devices, tablets, laptops and game consoles have installed USB-C ports, and it can charge them all.

Its power and compactness will save time charging. The CIO 3C1A provides 100W of high power and overall convenience, and it is the same size as a MacBook Pro charger.

The first 100 customers will be able to get the CIO 3C1A for $53.95, which is 25% off the market price.

CIO 3C1A Details:

  • Credit card sized wall charger powered by Gallium Nitride, a next-generation semiconductor technology.
  • Lightweight: 170g
  • With a maximum output of 100W it can charge a 16" MacBook Pro in 115 minutes.
  • Simply designed in colors ideal for everyday use
  • Multiple ports: 3x USB-C, 1x USB-A
  • 45W + 30W +18W specifications that can charge smartphones and a MacBook at the same time
  • USB-A supports Quick Charge 3.0, up to 30W