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250kW and 500kW Flow Battery Energy Storage Offers up to 2000kWh Capacity

April 12, 2019 by Scott McMahan

CellCube launched its new generation of products, the FB250 (see image above) and FB500. The new energy storage systems achieve new standards in performance and flexibility in terms of power rating, efficiency, cycling, and lifetime. The FB250 provides 250kW of power and comes in three variants, the FB250-1000, FB250-1500, FB250-2000, which offer up to 1000kWh, 1500kWh, and 2000kWh respectively. The FB500 provides 500kW for up to four hours for a total of 2000kWh.

According to the company, projects on the megawatt scale are now feasible from a commercial perspective at the lowest levelized cost of storage (LCOS). The new energy storage systems also meet operational standards over their lifetimes, specifically when co-located with renewable power generation.

In May, the upcoming formal launch at the Intersolar & and EES Exhibition in Munich (booth C2.534), CellCube plans to release its final datasheets, but the company is now sharing a first glimpse of what can be expected.

All new FB250's and FB500's will offer enhanced efficiencies of up to 94% for charging and 88% for discharging.

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The system can be operated on a permanent over-rated power of up to 200% without resting. In combination, the system offers three different energy tank sizes and can provide between 3 and 12 hours at what the company describes as the lowest cost on an industrial level.

The technology, based on the vanadium redox flow batteries allows for clean, emission-free, and fast energy supplied at all times. CellCube notes that the use of vanadium electrolytes increases the overall safety and battery life associated with energy storage systems because Vanadium is non-flammable, non-explosive and is not subject to any loss of reactive material. The technology reportedly allows virtually unlimited cyclization with up to 80% efficiency and a depth-discharging capacity of 100%.

"Enerox is CellCube's 100% wholly owned subsidiary which is responsible for the sales and manufacturing of its Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB). The related full life cycle business has the clear goal to make the redox-flow technology the choice for large scale energy storage," Alexander Schoenfeldt, COO of Enerox explains, "The market signals are very clear on the need for large scale energy-centric and long-duration storage solutions."

"Most storage projects actually do not operate effectively when taking into account the operations of a system, which may not mean operating at the lowest lifetime cost including highly degrading performance, required augmentation (or replacing discharged parts), risking warranties due to more operational cycles and cooling costs or simply by contamination of used chemistries," Alexander Schoenfeldt noted.

"The company has created an eco-friendly storage infrastructure for the benefit of the future energy world with a need for sustainable, environmental solutions. Such hidden costs can either kill the project or the vendor," Stefan Schauss, CEO of CellCube, said.

"So, with our long-lasting field experience we have come up with a state of the art energy storage system that addresses multiple solutions but most importantly at a lower total cost of ownership," Schauss concluded.