New Industry Products

150°C 2,000 Hours Guaranteed Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

October 12, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Nichicon Corporation has developed aluminum electrolytic capacitors with an operating temperature of up to 150°C and rated life of 2,000 hours to handle extreme heat environments. The new products will be exhibited at CEATEC 2019, held at Makuhari Messe from Tuesday, October 15, to Friday, October 18.

Previously, Nichicon had launched the UBC series (guaranteed operation for 1,000 hours at 150°C). The new products (150°C; 2,000 hours) developed this time increase the life while offering low ESR. The new products are expected to contribute to higher performance and longer life in a variety of applications in extremely high-temperature environments that our current lineup is unable to withstand.

In addition to improvements in materials and the manufacturing process, the new products achieve a rated operating temperature of 150°C and low ESR from the use of a low evaporation, low-resistance electrolyte. The products have the longest rated life of 2,000 hours for capacitors sized φ8 and φ10 along with guaranteed low ESR at low temperature.

Using 150°C, 2,000-hour rated aluminum electrolytic capacitors can contribute to miniaturization and reduce production costs since they offer up to 1.5 times the capacitance of the existing 150°C-rated UBC series.

Main Specifications

  • Rated voltage range 25- to 35-Vdc
  • Rated capacitance range 100- to 220-μF
  • Category temperature range -40 to 150°C
  • Product dimensions φ8 × 10L to φ10 × 10L (mm) 2 sizes
  • Life 2,000 hours guaranteed at 150°C
  • Terminal shape Chip type *anti-vibration structure is available
  • Samples from April 2020
  • Mass production from October 2020 [Planned production volume: 500,000/month]