New Industry Products

150-Watt Half-Brick DC-DC Converter for Railway and Industrial Applications

November 13, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Calex Manufacturing Company, Inc., a subsidiary of Murata Power Solutions, today announced the release of the ruggedized HBM Series of dc-dc converters, meeting the most stringent performance standards for industrial, railway and transportation applications. The converters have been designed and tested to meet the requirements of the EN50155 railway standard and are suited for use in rolling stock with 96V to 110V traction batteries typically seen in intercity, regional, high-speed and freight train applications.

The 150-Watt HBM Series offers the latest technology in fixed frequency power conversion. Designed to achieve high reliability and high efficiency, the HBM Series incorporates the latest circuit technologies along with proprietary packaging and thermal management techniques that meet critical and harsh environmental requirements often seen in industrial and railway applications.

For most optimized thermal management, the HBM Series is available with either a standard flanged, slotted baseplate or an option with four M3 inserts, stand-offs.

The HBM Series delivers output voltages of 5V, 12V or 24V with an input voltage range of 57.6- to 160-Vdc and transients for 100ms to 170V. The converters have excellent regulation, low ripple and noise, and operate at a fixed switching frequency of 200kHz. Housed in a fully encased package with an industry standard half-brick footprint, the HBM Series operates at full power over a -40⁰C to +100⁰C baseplate temperature range.

All models in the 150W HBM Series feature a reinforced I/O isolation rated at 3kVrms; wide input voltage range; remote sense and trim function, allowing the user to compensate for output voltage variations within +/-10% of Vout. Mindful of battery powered applications, an ON/OFF function with either positive or negative polarity is offered to minimize power consumption when the converter is in stand-by or off state.

All HBM models incorporate over-current, short-circuit and over-temperature protection. The HBM series is UL/EN60950-1 safety approved and RoHS compliant.