ZBB Energy Changes Name to EnSync

August 16, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

EnSync, Inc. today announced the departure from the name ZBB Energy and a change to EnSync, Inc., dba EnSync Energy Systems. The new name represents vision to enable the future of energy networks, synchronizing utility, distributed generation and storage assets; Effective Monday, August 17, 2015, ZBB Energy Corporation (NYSE MKT: ZBB) will now trade as EnSync, Inc. on the NYSE market under the ticker symbol "ESNC". EnSync has rapidly evolved from a battery company to an applications solutions company, creating an opportunity to depart from branding as ZBB Energy. The company provides advanced energy management systems critical to the transition from a "coal-centric economy" to one reliant on a rapid growth in renewable energy. EnSync's focus and drive is to enable a revolution in the generation and distribution of electricity.

There are generally three sources of electricity, particularly for behind-the-meter applications: conventional generation, generation from renewables and energy storage. Independently, each of these sources can be limiting due to various factors such as cost, availability, resiliency and environmental impact. In an ideal environment, these disparate sources work in a synchronized manner, and all three are continually prioritized and optimized to always deliver the least expensive and most reliable electricity. EnSync enables the "ideal" to be reality.

"We are excited and confident about the future of EnSync," said Brad Hansen, CEO and President. "Over the last year we have introduced innovative and differentiated technologies and business models, such as our advanced Matrix Energy Managementâ„¢ system, a system that can manage a highly complex environment of AC and DC inputs and outputs in an exceptionally simple manner due to our 'Auto-Sync' DC-bus intellectual property. We also introduced our Agileâ„¢ Hybrid Storage systems for commercial and industrial buildings that enable applications that require different energy storage technologies to be performed at the same time. We became the first company to be permitted in the state of Hawaii for implementation of behind the meter energy storage integrated with solar distributed generation. Further, we broke new ground by signing our first power purchase agreements in Hawaii utilizing distributed solar generation and energy storage behind the meter. We will continue building on these innovative products, systems and business models going forward, including being a leader in driving the realization of the 'Internet of Energy'. There are major discontinuities and fragmentations beginning to occur in the generation and distribution of electricity. EnSync will not just be a beneficiary of these, but indeed will create and drive them."

Energy synchronization is what differentiates EnSync Energy Systems at the macro level, as well as at micro level, providing the ability to monetize numerous applications behind the meter to leverage just about any combination of applications you can imagine, including supply response, time-of-use, frequency regulation, back-up power, peak shaving, demand charge clipping, islanding, and other applications. The ability for utilities and grid operators to leverage distributed generation and storage assets in a synchronized manner provides enhanced grid stability and less expensive electricity, and offers owners of behind-the-meter assets a means of monetizing any excess generating capacity. EnSync technology enables exactly this opportunity and future-proofs buildings by easily accommodating additions in generation capacity, the introduction of storage, utility programs or any of the numerous evolutions that will certainly take place within the lifetime of what is typically a 20 year asset.