Zapworld.Com Proposes Name-Change

May 14, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Zapworld.Com (Sebastopol, CA) has asked its shareholders to approve a name change from Zapworld.Com to ZAP. According to the company, ZAP is an acronym for Zero Air Pollution, and is more in line with the company's recently announced repositioning plans. The company is shifting from an electric scooter company to a more comprehensive marketer and distributor of a variety of EVs.

CEO Gary Starr commented, “Although our Internet business operates on very high margins and its revenues have been growing up 40 percent in the first quarter of 2001, ZAP is not a dot-com company. Since everyone knows us as ZAP and that has always been our abbreviated pet name for the company, we decided it is catchy and accurate enough to stand on its own."

The name change will be presented on the program of the annual shareholders meeting, which is scheduled for June 16, 2001, in Sebastopol, CA.