Wireless Power Adoption Accelerates

January 04, 2016 by Power Pulse1595211359

Wireless power is a "hot" emerging technology. It is being used or proposed for a wide range of applications from mobile phone handsets to electric vehicles and buses. Platforms emerged that support all three major standards, Qi, PMA and A4WP Rezence, at power levels up to 100W. In November, the Airfuel Alliance was announced combining the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA). And a growing list of companies offers passive and active devices optimized for wireless power. The following are the ten most-read Wireless Power stories on PowerPulse in 2015.

#1: Wireless Charging Scalable to 65W for Tablets and Laptops

Active-Semi International, Inc. announced the availability of Qi-compatible medium power (MP) wireless charging solutions based on PAC5220 Power Application Controllerâ„¢ (PACâ„¢) IC for powering smart phones, mobile devices and tablets. This announcement comes as a follow-up to previously released Qi-certified A11 and A6 Wireless transmitter solutions claiming the industry's highest efficiency with the smallest system footprint and BOM owing to the PAC5220 single-IC based architecture. The latest MP solution includes transmitter development platform along with a compatible receiver that further empowers customers to extend power levels needed for higher capacity devices and for quick battery charging. more

#2: GaN Power Integrated Circuit for Wireless Power Transfer

Efficient Power Conversion Corp. (EPC) announces the EPC2107 (100V) and EPC2108 (60V) eGaN® half-bridge power integrated circuits with integrated bootstrap FET, eliminating gate driver induced reverse recovery loses as well as the need for a high-side clamp. This is the first time that a bootstrap FET has been integrated in an eGaN power circuit. more

#3: Low-Resistance Wireless Charging Coils

A.K. Stamping Company, Inc. (AKS) announced cutting-edge technology allowing one of the world's most efficient wireless charging receiver coils. Using advanced manufacturing technology, AKS coils have the highest metal density of any charging comparable coil. Currently, handheld device manufacturers are facing numerous challenges posed by incorporating wireless charging into their devices. A.K. Stamping is addressing these with unique solutions for receiver coils. more

#4: Wireless Charging and Discharging for Electric Vehicles

In the future, a wireless charging system will allow electric cars not only to charge their batteries, but also to feed energy back into the power grid, helping to stabilize it. The cost-effective charging system achieves high levels of efficiency across the whole power range, from 400 Watts to 3.6 kiloWatts, while the car and the charging coil can be up to 20 centimeters apart. Fraunhofer researchers are presenting their prototype from September 15 to 18, 2015 at the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt (Hall 4, Booth D33). more

#5: Wireless Charging now as Fast as Charging by Cable

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) today announced it has launched a new wireless power receiver IC that will enable mobile devices to be charged wirelessly as fast as if they were connected to the charger via a cable. The new TC7764WBG is compliant with Qiâ„¢ V.1.1.2, the wireless low power charging standard defined by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), which includes a dedicated specification for smartphones and mobile accessories. more

#6: Tri-Mode Wireless Charging Platform Scales to 100W

Semtech Corporation has introduced its TS80K wireless charging design platform, which includes the TS80000 transmitter, the TS81000 receiver, a complete set of new power management ICs and reference design kits, to address the increasing need for wireless charging in the consumer, mobile, industrial and embedded solution markets. The platform offers scalable power, flexible design capability and supports evolving industry standards. more

#7: Wireless Power for all Enabled Devices in 30-Foot Radius

Ossia Inc., the developer of Cotaâ„¢ wireless charging technology, today unveiled its charging transmitter and "client" receiver chips developed by Cairo-based Si-Ware Systems (SWS). Unlike wireless charging on a pad, which requires close proximity, the Cota Wireless Charger, built around Si-Ware's transmitter chip, powers all enabled mobile devices within a 30-foot radius. more

#8: Receive Wireless Power with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Antennas

Ossia, Inc. announced a new development for device manufacturers wanting to offer its groundbreaking Cotaâ„¢ remote wireless power system to consumers. Cota is the first publicly-demonstrated remote wireless power system, and the only one capable of charging devices without using line-of-sight at distances as far away as 30 feet. Now device OEMs and ODMs can more easily integrate Cota into new designs without having to add extra antennas for power reception. Using a new patent-pending solution existing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas can perform double duty as both data and Cota wireless power receivers. more

#9: eRoads will Charge eVehicles in England

Off road trials of the technology needed to power electric and hybrid vehicles on England's major roads are due to take place later this year. The trials are the first of their kind and will test how the technology would work safely and effectively on the country's motorways and major A roads, allowing drivers of ultra-low emission vehicles to travel long distances without needing to stop and charge the car's battery. The trials follow the completion of the feasibility study commissioned by Highways England into 'dynamic wireless power transfer' technologies. more

#10: 195-Member AirFuel Alliance Powers Wireless Charging

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA) today announced a new combined organization and brand identity, the AirFuelâ„¢ Alliance. Now with a unified vision, AirFuel Alliance further strengthens a commitment to improve user experience through the development of advanced wireless charging standards. more