WildCharge Technology to be Available to T-Mobile USA Customers

March 25, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

PureEnergy Solutions, Inc. (formerly WildCharge Inc.) is planning to bring its wire-free charging solutions to customers of T-Mobile USA, Inc. through the introduction of the new myTouch Drop and Go Charging Pad, which is planned for distribution in select T-Mobile stores in the coming weeks.

The new myTouch Drop and Go™ Charging Pad provides a charging pad and an elegant replacement back that allows for wire-free charging for the T-Mobile® myTouch™ 3G. The charging accessory comes with three versatile PowerDiscs which allow a wide variety of mobile phones and Bluetooth® headsets to be charged in addition to the customized replacement back designed specifically for charging the myTouch 3G.

"Consumers are demanding a simple, reliable, and elegant wire-free charging system that works across the board, with multiple devices. We’re moving towards that goal by making it easy and cost effective for today’s leading consumer product companies, such as T-Mobile, to license, embed and brand the WildCharge technology, and get it on store shelves quickly," said Dennis Grant, Chairman and CEO of PureEnergy Solutions. "We have significantly more product on the market, through us and our partners, than any other player in this space and continue to roll out new wire-free charging solutions at a rapid pace."

PureEnergy and its licensees expect to have products available from various market-leading brands in retail channels by the end of 2010. Many of these companies are also taking advantage of PureEnergy’s licensing flexibility to create their own unique product designs featuring the patented wire-free power technology.