VPS Joins iMasons, Seeks to Expand Use of its Software-Defined Power Platform

January 17, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Virtual Power Systems (VPS) has joined Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) as a Foundation Partner and is evolving its power optimization software-defined power (SDP) platform to offer an advanced control of power to a broader set of customers and applications. To further its visionary leadership goals, VPS has joined the iMasons as its vision aligns with the mission of the iMasons organization to connect, grow and give back to the Digital Infrastructure industry.

"iMasons is excited to welcome Virtual Power Systems as a Foundation Partner to support our vision of empowering business and personal use of digital infrastructure to better the economy, the environment and society," said Jeff Omelchuck, Executive Director, Infrastructure Masons.

VPS' Intelligent Control of Energy® (ICE) platform, initially released in 2018, leverages machine learning and AI to increase utilization, consolidation, and efficiency of the data center IT infrastructure as well as enables increased yield of power distribution assets. The company has since achieved many technology milestones and has incorporated additional capabilities expanding its value and reach including:

  • Expansion of the ICE platform to hyperscalers through the company's partnership with Artesyn Technologies and was the first Open Compute Project compatible with software-defined power.
  • Increasing the functionality of SDP for demand side management by introducing power-aware workload orchestration with VMware technologies and containers.
  • Continued work with energy storage providers and the integration of leading-edge battery chemistries such as sodium-ion from Natron Energy.
  • Expanded application of SDP for renewable energy, Telco, and 5G/Edge applications through its partnership with CE+T Energy Solutions.
  • Recent deployment of VPS' ICE solutions in SAP HANA® environments demonstrating improved utilization and consolidation in applications that experience unpredictable power consumption behavior.

"Based on our successful experience with customers and partners, VPS is positioned to enable the realization of a full digital infrastructure inclusive of power. To further these efforts, we're pleased to join Infrastructure Masons who align with existing standards and the industry's digitalization strategy," noted Steve Houck, CEO of Virtual Power Systems.

A Look into the Future

The decentralization of computing and the unrelenting demand for distributed applications such as Bitcoin and AI, are driving massive increases in complexity and power requirements. ­­Moreover, IoT and Edge infrastructure incorporate an ever-expanding number of connected devices that require the continuous evolution of the SDP platform and broader integration across markets and applications. As part of this strategy, VPS is expanding its ICE solution to enable more decentralized power management for better optimization and control.

Additionally, the continued growth of renewables and alternative energy generation will require Software-Defined Power to address the integration of utilities, microgrids and Virtual Power Plants (VPP) within the entire power ecosystem.

"As the nature of workloads becomes increasingly distributed and closer to the edge, SDP will become nimbler, adapting to the dynamic behavior on the demand side. Further, the introduction of blockchain and the latest advances in AI will foster this future direction of SDP to enable a highly decentralized infrastructure," said Karimulla Shaikh, Chief Technology Officer for Virtual Power Systems.