Volterra Gets License Agreements with Inductor Manufacturers

June 28, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Volterra Semiconductor Corp. (Fremont, CA), a provider of analog and mixed-signal power management semiconductors, announced that Cooper Electronic Technologies, Pulse Engineering Inc. and Vitec Electronics Corp. have agreed to manufacture multi-phase, coupled inductors under a license from Volterra. The magnetic components, when combined with Volterra's recently introduced, fourth-generation, voltage regulator semiconductor chipsets can (according to US patent number 6,362,986) result in significant reductions in overall system cost and the quantity and size of external components.

"We are proud to have licensed to three of the industry’s leading magnetic components manufacturers our multi-phase coupled inductors to support our patented coupled inductor topology," said Volterra Marketing Vice President Bill Numann. "This topology serves as an important market driver for our fourth-generation, scalable voltage regulator semiconductor chipsets. It allows our products to further reduce the need for external capacitor components in the voltage regulation system by a factor of two or more in high transient applications such as powering CPUs and GPUs. This results in a substantial system cost and size advantage for our customers and provides a platform for us to build on our market position in high-density and high-performance voltage regulator applications."