Virtual Power Systems and CE+T Partner to Accelerate Adoption of Software Defined Power

May 15, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Virtual Power Systems, creators of Software Defined Power® (SDP), is partnering with CE+T Power, the global specialist in power conversion offering cutting- edge and high-performance energy backup solutions, to bring to market Power Fusion Satellite, the most advanced SDP-compatible appliance.

Similar to software defined approaches in the compute, storage and network segments, SDP provides a common control plane for power components, which automates and optimizes distribution of power and cooling resources.

SDP efficiently allocates available capacity along with reserves of redundant and back-up power to improve IT density while paving the way for highly scalable, flexible and intelligent power distribution. SDP constitutes the final pillar needed for organizations to fully realize the vision of the software defined datacenter (SDDC).

CE+T's "Power Fusion" Satellite is the first SDP device to incorporate local storage and intelligent power flow control in a single controllable in-rack unit. Prior to Power Fusion Satellite, this functionality would require two separate devices, consuming valuable space within the data center rack.

Working with VPS's SDP software, Power Fusion Satellite can perform advanced policy-driven peak shaving to recover capacity lost to unused buffers in the data center. Its intelligent switching capability works with VPS's Dynamic Redundancy algorithms to leverage redundant infrastructure to create additional capacity.

In collaboration with VPS, CE+T is making Power Fusion Satellite the latest device to comply with the current VPS Intelligent Control of Energy® (ICE) software combability specification. ICE compatibility enables third-party devices to be monitored and managed by ICE in a secure and trusted manner to optimize power in the data center. ICE policies are designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of Power Fusion Satellite to distribute power in the data center.

"The pace at which power equipment OEMs are adopting and deploying ICE compliant devices is the strongest testament to the validity and realizable benefits of Software Defined Power for today's modern data centers," said Steve Houck, CEO of VPS.  "The functionality of CE+T's Power Fusion Satellite brings to the market a very powerful ICE compliant device, joining a growing ecosystem of industry-leading partners."

The Power Fusion Satellite goes beyond all existing ICE compatible devices by incorporating a third input source, which is a DC bus that enables energy to be shared between multiple Power Fusion Satellite devices.

It also can draw from a power source, such as a generator, a fuel cell or a PV system while utilizing VPS's upcoming SourceShare enhancement to its ICE software. SourceShare is VPS's intelligent machine learning algorithm that helps data centers recuperate stranded power allocated for long-duration peaks.

By utilizing this stranded power, which can equate to 40% or more, data centers can increase IT workloads at the rack level significantly and drastically reduce cost for the operator. This enables cloud or colo providers to virtually doubling  revenues.

"With this new offering, data centers can leverage renewable energy source power loads within the data center," said Daniel Rixhon, SVP of Sales and Business Development for CE+T. "We are excited to partner with VPS to bring this first of a kind solution to Data Center operators worldwide. VPS's ICE software intelligently manages the renewable power source accounting for variability in availability and quality of such power by intelligently augmenting it with utility and battery power."

ICE software application suite is available now. Power Fusion Satellite is slated for availability in  Q3 of 2018.