Vicor Announces Power Tutorial Series On DVD

March 04, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Vicor Corp. announced its "Power Techtorials," a Vicor Power Tutorial Series on DVD that is said to provide expert instruction on the most-asked-about power system design topics. These topics are collections and distillations of points from Vicor Applications Engineers addressing real-world questions posed by power designers worldwide. The tutorials are designed to help power architects understand typical technical issues that arise during different applications, and offer practical advice to solve them.

The first Power Techtorial, "Vicor DC-DC Converter Theory Overview," is presented by Marco Panizza, Manager, European Applications Engineering, through video and slides. Panizza covers topics including the dc-dc converter power train, Maxi, Mini, Micro block diagrams, and topology: ZCS power transfer.

Peter Huber, Senior Field Applications Engineer, Germany, uses a hands-on demonstration for the second Techtorial, "Improving Output Filtering." Video shows Huber measuring output ripple during a step-by-step bench demonstration that stresses the importance of good technique. He also presents other methods to further reduce output ripple.

The first five tutorials in the series include the two mentioned - available now - as well as three more focused on EMI, Input Overvoltage Protection, and Thermal Considerations. These will be available over the course of the next four months. After that, additional tutorials will be forthcoming on a regular basis. Each DVD will be accompanied by related technical materials, including technical articles and application manual excerpts. The tutorials will be offered as a subscription series with a one-time signup.

"A strong, professional Applications Engineering organization has always played an essential role in Vicor’s leadership and success," said Tom Curatolo, Director, Applications Engineering. "Just as power engineers frequently confer with Vicor Application engineers to seek advice and technical expertise, each Techtorial DVD serves as a one-on-one tutorial that can be revisited as needed."