Huaneng Power Announces Appointments

September 24, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Huaneng Power International Inc. (Beijing, China) announced nominations and new appointments to the company's board of directors.

Wu Dawei, Shen Zongmin and Liu Guoyue were nominated as candidates for directorship of the company. The resignations of Lin Jianxin, Feng Dawei, Li Zhongshu and Bao Qianyuan as directors of the company were accepted.

Wu Dawei and Shen Zongmin were appointed as members of the Board Management Committee. Liu Guoyue was appointed as a member of the Board Technology Committee. The appointments will become effective upon approval of Wu Dawei, Shen Zongmin and Liu Guoyue as directors of the company. Additionally, Wu Dawei and Liu Guoyue were appointed as vice presidents of the company, and Feng Dawei will no longer hold the position of vice president of the company.