US Navy Selects EaglePicher Battery Test System

August 26, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

EaglePicher Technologies LLC (Joplin, MO) has been selected to provide its MSD-970-1 portable/bench top battery test system to the US Navy to support the Navy in its transition to modern technology. In addition to charging and discharging, the EaglePicher MSD-970-1 creates up to 80 battery test profiles and serially streams the test data collected to a PC for archival and analysis. The computerized test system is suitable for naval batteries.

The MSD-970-1 battery test system contains all the functions for battery testing and maintenance, including charging, discharging, open-circuit stand and the sensing of multiple battery parameters. Typical parameters monitored by the MSD-970-1 battery test system include profile statistics, elapsed operation time, charge/discharge current, charge/discharge voltage, temperature, and ampere hour accumulation. All system battery test and maintenance profiles can be modified through a PC interface. Profile manipulation allows the user to create an infinite number of battery test profile variations.

Other system features include the ability to service any secondary battery chemistry from 1V to 36V with anywhere between 0A and 70A charge and discharge current while providing the user feedback and control through LCD, keypad and PC interfaces. The user is also allowed to specify through PC profile generation, what battery service termination criteria is used, such as end of charge voltages, currents, delta temperatures and negative voltage slopes.